Střední průmyslová škola strojní a elektrotechnická a Vyšší odborná škola, Liberec

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Secondary Technical School in Liberec - past and present

The school has a long and significant history. Lessons at the State Technical School, the third oldest one in Bohemia and Moravia, began in 1876. Mechanical, civil, chemical and elektrotechnical branches of engineering were taught there. In all these branches the school has educated noted specialists who, mainly at the beginning of the school history, strongly influenced the rapid industrial development of the town, region and country. Some of the graduates of this school have even influenced industry abroad (most significantly seen in the person of Ferdinand Porsche - the founder of the famous car-making company).

Nowadays mechanical and and electrical engineering are taught along with computer systems and weak-current electrotechnics which are most popular with the students. At the end of the twentieth century computing and micro-electronics have become the most attractive technical field. Being aware of computers has therefore become important within all parts of teaching in this school.

Most of the students are between 15 and 19 years old and come from basic schools (see The System of education) to study in day classes for 4 years. If there is enough interest the school can open additional classes (either day or evening) for apprentice school leavers. These courses are attended by older students (18 and over). All these courses are completed with a school leaving exam enabling students to recieve a full secondary education certificate in their specialized technical field.

In 1996 the school introduced partly independant further education courses for studying computer systems. These were established for secondary school leavers who have passed the school leaving exam at our school or another one. The students, who are mostly at the age of 19 to 22, graduate and get a diploma after 36-month-course.

Would you like to know what the students think about our school?

(13.9.2012 Eva Poláková)
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