Boney M.: Sun of Jamaica

Z Milan Kerslager
Verze z 26. 12. 2010, 11:27, kterou vytvořil Milan.Kerslager (diskuse | příspěvky) (Založení stránky)
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Long time ago, when I was a young boy,
I saw that movie, "Mutiny on the Bounty"
Starring my idol, Marlon Brando.
And I felt a yearning for that great adventure.
So many nights I woke up out of a Dream
A dream of blue seas, white sands,
Paradies birds, butterflies, and
Beautiful warm-hearted girls.

Sun of Jamaika, the dreams of Malaika,
Our love is my sweet memory.
Sun of Jamaika, Blue Lady Malaika,
Someday I'll return, wait and see
Walk in the sand and I'm happy with you
We shall be loving and true.
Oh I sure love Malaika,
With all of my heart
I will always be faithful and true,
Yeah true.

But now as I grew older
The burning desire became so strong
That I bought me a tiket to fly home
And then I found you
And we found an eternal love
Right from the beginning.
The stars falling down from the sleepy lagoon,
The palms swaying under the moon,
We were swimming out into the calm crystal sea,
In that fateful night I thought to myself
I'll do everthing I can, save every dime,
And one day I'll return, come back home to you
And then I'll stay forever, forever.